Campo de Estrellas Conservation Cemetery: Community Engagement & Education

A member of St. Hildegard’s, Cindy Ybarra, along with her son, Michael, and their partner, Sarah Wambold, have submitted a grant proposal to the Episcopal Church USA for funding to move forward their vision of establishing a conservation cemetery in Texas and of promoting conservation burial far beyond.  Campo de Estrellas Conservation Cemetery (“CCC”) is a joint project between Cindy, who has donated 10 acres of her farm, Abbey Grange, to be used for green burial, and Campostella LLC, established by Michael and Sarah as the legal entity to make that vision a realty. 

Abbey Grange engages in native grassland and forest restoration, re-wiliding, habitat restoration, and livestock rescue in Bastrop County, TX. The hope is that their project Campo de Estrellas Conservation Cemetery:  Community Engagement & Educationwill reconnect and reconcile people from diverse backgrounds to nature, spirituality, mortality, and each other through a thoughtful and robust introduction to conservation burial practices.