Wendy Stiver, MA 29 April, 2023 While the history books are usually written by those in the center of dogmatic power, the real “stuff” of life takes place in the margins and the intersections. This truth is woven throughout the Gregorian calendar, which carries holidays with names like “Easter” that reflect how the early Christian …

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Lenten dis-ease

By Virginia Marie Rincon Lent has always been a challenging time for me.  Challenging in the sense that every Feb with out skipping a beat my symptoms of lupus poke their ugly head out and remind me of this dis- ease in my body. This has been my journey since 1989 when I had my …

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Come to the Circle

In today’s Lenten journal, Rev. Judith Liro ponders circles—the circle made by prayer beads, the circle we gather in to worship, and the great circle of life. “Come to the circle, the circle of Life, Come to the circle of Life.Come to the circle, the circle of Life, Come, dance and sing! ”  —Words and music by …

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