About us

 St. Hildegard’s is an intentional, contemplative/active community in Austin, Texas. We are currently in provisional status to become a recognized faith community in the Episcopal church.  The whole of our life—our liturgies, music, retreats and the community itself, as well as our Servant Leadership School—is the primary justice ministry we offer to all who are seeking.  The use of expansive, non-hierarchical language in our liturgies and music, and our shared creativity creates peace and comes from a deep theological commitment. With our words and our actions, we consciously seek to embody a vision of God’s dream:  a culture of non-violence, using collaboration and partnership to express our talents and gifts and to exercise community discernment.

We seek to empower and support each member to follow and develop his/her personal call for the healing of the world and also nurture initiatives that emerge in the community. Current actions and concerns include women’s issues such as human trafficking, GLBT justice, supporting fair trade, being in solidarity with cooperatives on the Texas border and in Chiapas, providing support for conscientious objectors, ending the death penalty, immigration reform, interfaith dialogue, and care for the Earth.

If you would like more information about our community please contact us at sthildecommaustin@gmail.com